Labs and Department from NMIMR

The Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR) Genomics and Bioinformatics Core Facility is an important hub for research and training in genomics and bioinformatics not only in Ghana but in Africa as a whole The Facility provides diverse sequencing support including for antimicrobial resistance (AMR) studies, environmental sample analysis, human genetics, etc., to students and different projects within and outside the country.

Drug Innovation Group (DIG)

Drug Innovation Group (DIG) is the leading medicinal chemistry research group in Ghana, and West Africa focused on drug innovation and drug discovery. We operate from the Department of Chemistry in Ghana’s premier university, the University of Ghana, Legon.

With strategic partnerships across Africa and beyond, we undertake novel hit discovery, hit-to-lead, and lead optimization campaigns. These are geared towards innovative translational approaches to tackle the diseases of burden in Africa such as malaria.


Empower and equip both educators and learners with the necessary tools and resources to make the teaching and learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) more effective.

The Anita Ghansah Lab

The Anita Ghansah lab is a research group within the Parasitology Department of Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR), University of Ghana. Our mission is to conduct translational research into malaria and other parasitic infectious illnesses, with the ultimate objective of using genetic research insights to advance malaria control and eradication efforts.

Adwoa Biotech

Adwoa Biotech, the dynamic force behind the popular YouTube channel of the same name, has been inspiring and educating audiences with a passion for scientific inquiry and practical know-how. With a career in medical research spanning two decades, Adwoa brings a wealth of expertise and a knack for making complex scientific concepts accessible and engaging.