Science in Tent: STEM Fair for J.H.S.

Science in Tent: STEM Fair for J.H.S.
By Admin | 5th May 2023 | Visafric | Hits 387

Science inTent aims to expose underprivileged J.H.S children to various STEM disciplines through practical experiments and discussions, with the hope of inspiring them to pursue careers in STEM. The event will showcase hands-on experiments across various STEM disciplines, including robotics, microbiology, cell biology, chemistry, and mathematics.

Our partners and exhibitors include the Velthuis Lab from Princeton University, USA, MakersPlace (Robotics) from Ghana, the Laboratory of Applied Evolutionary Biology from the University of Amsterdam Medical Centre, the Institute of Cell Biology from the University of Edinburgh, Femafricamaths from Ghana, the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR) from the University of Ghana, and the School of Engineering Sciences from the University of Ghana.

Our primary goal is to foster students' interest in STEM fields and encourage them to pursue STEM careers. We aim to introduce schoolchildren to various STEM disciplines and their real-world applications, illustrate how the practical application of STEM can address community and national challenges in Ghana, and offer mentorship opportunities to empower students to pursue STEM courses at the senior high school and tertiary levels of education.

Join us at Science in Tent and discover the exciting world of STEM!

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