Jane Ansah-Owusu

Jane Ansah-Owusu

Logistics Coordinator

Brief Description of Personality: I would describe myself as perceptive with a keen sense of precision. I am creative, love to learn new things and explore. I support others as much as I can and find joy in witnessing progress in and around me.

Current Occupation and Roles: I am currently a Senior Research Assistant with the Vector Group of the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research and an Assistant Quality Coordinator at the Department of Parasitology. My research focuses on insecticide and acaricide resistance and entomological surveillance activities to support the public health system in Ghana. I also assist in establishing quality management systems in my department as a coordinator.

Advice to Young Students Interested in STEM: Science is open to all; be curious, diligent, and persevere, and you will be proud you chose a STEM field.

Fun Facts/Hobbies: Outside of the science world, I’m an entrepreneur; I make creative apparel and fashion items with African prints. I do event planning and coordination on the side for friends and family. I love to sing, read, travel, and appreciate nature.