Derrick Baah Sackitey

Derrick Baah Sackitey

Deputy Grants Coordinator

Brief Description of Personality: I would describe myself as quite an optimistic and friendly individual who is easy to talk to. Sometimes, I may come off as eccentric. My friends also say I am too much of a science nerd.

Current Occupation and Role: Presently, I am a research assistant at the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research. I am involved in the surveillance of Aedes mosquitoes across West Africa. I also identify insecticide resistance in these mosquitoes via other scientific means. In this role, I also analyze data, ensuring accurate results.

Advice to Young Students Interested in STEM: Always question everything! Even the things we are told to accept as truth.

Fun Fact/Hobbies: Aside from science, I am mostly reading a book, usually a novel or an anthology by an African author.  I may watch anime or listen to a science podcast on other days.