Betty Bandoh Oppong, PhD

Betty Bandoh Oppong, PhD

Grants Coordinator

Brief Description of Personality: I would describe myself as result-oriented and someone who loves to explore new ideas.

Current Occupation and Roles: I am a Research Scientist at the Biomedical and Public Health Research Unit of the CSIR-Water Research Institute. My role involves identifying water-related diseases (Malaria, Neglected Tropical Diseases) and using science-backed experiments to develop technologies for cost-effective diagnostic tools. Additionally, I focus on developing strategies to enhance the control, management, and elimination of diseases of public health importance. I write proposals for grant applications and serve as a lead in training my team in subject-related matters.

Advice to Young Minds Interested in Pursuing STEM Careers: To young minds interested in pursuing STEM careers, I would advise them to be observant and read wide. Ask lots of questions and be willing to put in the hours of work and research. It is OK to make mistakes; that's part of the learning process. Keep trying and never give up!

Fun Facts/Hobbies: My hobbies include performing “science in action” in the kitchen (cooking), listening to music, going for nature walks with my daughters, and updating myself on current affairs. Being passionate about science, I like to make science as practical as possible through teaching. I deconstruct complex concepts into simple “layman's” language to enhance understanding of the concepts.