Nana Aba Bentum

Nana Aba Bentum

Media and Communications Coordinator

Brief Description of Personality: I embody an ever-bubbling spirit, my face adorned with a cheerful smile 90% of the time. My altruistic nature finds joy in aiding others directly or guiding them towards solutions. This inclination leads me to engage in volunteering and mentoring, catering to both the young and the elderly.

Current Occupation and Roles: Presently, I serve as a Research Assistant at the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research in Ghana. My primary focus lies in a surveillance study, evaluating the effectiveness of the Rotavirus vaccine among Sub-Saharan African children under the age of 5. Additionally, I delve into diverse tissue types, employing the Electron Microscope to unravel their pathology and structural intricacies.

Advice to Young Students Interested in STEM: To all young ones aspiring to take up careers in STEM, it would not be a smooth road, but do not let a difficulty - in whatever form - cause you to give up on your dream. Strive to be in places and events that will widen your experiences, skills, and human network. And, do not shut out your curiosity. Be the 'weirdest,' courageous person in a good way. Do not be afraid to ask questions, and let no one intimidate you. You will feel the negative emotions, but move on after feeling them. Things only get better, and the future is exciting.

Fun Fact / Hobbies: Beyond my scientific pursuits, I find solace in reading, capturing nature's beauty through photography, perfecting my violin melodies, indulging in songs, and occasionally indulging in restful naps. My eclectic interests extend to savoring captivating and diverse YouTube content, reflecting my vibrant and multifaceted personality.